Crafts with Tomesode


It is not uncommon to see vintage kimono reused in crafts. Obi, kimono, and bolts are used in a wide variety of crafts that yeild some amazing products. I was looking around online today, and was inspired to dig through my collection of photos I have saved for more examples of these crafts. In particular, I saw a vest made from a tomesode, and thought it was really pretty.

A tomesode is a formal kimono for a married woman. It has a sweeping pattern around the bottom, and 3 to 5 mons at the shoulder area. They come in solid black, or another solid color. You can see vintage examples of these kind of Kimono here.

Below, is a small selection of crafts, and goods made from these kimono. In particular, I really liked the dresses. I have seen purses, hats, shirts, skirts, and pants made from these kimono.

Tomesode Kimono Dresses

Here is an example of a shirt and a vest made from a tomesode kimono. In particular, I like that the original mons (crests) are included in the designs.

Tomesode Shirts

I really like the idea of reusing vintage garments, that might not otherwise be suitable for wear.


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