Purple, or black?


Later today I am meeting with the council and planning party of a local Anime Con. I can not decide on what to wear. Should I wear the Kuro-Tomesode (black), or the purple Homongi. Proper etiquette and kitsuke would require that I wear the Homongi. However, I rather like the Kuro-Tomesode as it makes a strong, clean presentation to modern Americans.

The meeting today is with the planning and head council for http://www.garasunoshicon.info/ . It is rather exciting to be able to join in, and sit on a council for a Convention. I will try and grab photo of my outfit for today, and post them here (cellphone camera wiling!).


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    • Sorry if it seemed like I ran out, but I had a heartburn attack during the entire meeting and was pretty desperate to go get my medication >.<

      Either way, I really am excited about the Con and am worked up for it!

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