Aug 1st Celebration


I forgot to post on this buttttt…..

Aug 1st is a traditional celebration date for Geisha/Maiko. Formally known as ‘Hassaku’, this celebration is hosted August 1st. On this day Geiko/Geisha and Maiko pay respects and honor their teachers as well as Ochaya. There is a saying that they use to express their thanks, “omedeto-san desu”. On this holiday, it is normal for particiapants to wear Kuro-Tomeosde.

Seperately, the crests seen and worn on the attire of Geisha and Maiko is that of their ‘house’. That their official Family crest seen on their various kimono is the Okiya in which they are indebted to. The next holiday is October 1st – 4th and is known as Zuiki Matsuri.

Photo below is of geisha/maiko making their rounds. The woman with them might be an assistant, or a friend/shop owner. The photo is not my own, I do not know who took this photo but would love to give them credit.

Photos from the 2099 Holiday –


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