Event: Elaine’s Tea Shop Fall Celebration


So, I have another booking that came through today for October 3rd. We are in the planning stages with formal planning to take place on Aug 22nd. Below is a short summary of the presentation to take place – which will feature discussion on Geisha, and interaction with Kimono. This event is planned in conjunction with the Japanese Fall Festivals that take place during September, and October. The ‘Flower and Willow World’ celebrates the changing of the seasons as well, and host their own events.

Two important events within the ‘Flower and Willow World’ would be Kotobukikai (Theater performances), and Onshukai (Geisha performances). Online photo gallery of the 2008 Onshukai celebration can be seen here http://www.flickr.com/photos/23314901@N06/sets/72157607818703428/ . At the bottom of this post, is a photo from the 2008 celebration of Onshukai.

Elaine’s Tea Shop
Fall Festival Tea
October 3rd

More details are coming soon! Elaine’s tea shop is also interested in hosting a Cherry Blossom Spring Tea!


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