I must babble about tea…


Tea….I love the stuff. I’ve been loyal drinker of the Harney and Sons brand. Many local Tea Room serves this brand exclusively, and I can’t fault them for it. If you are looking for an exceptional tea, this is it.


My two favorite picks are Toyko – http://www.harney.com/Tokyo/products/142/ and Vanilla Comoro http://www.harney.com/Vanilla-Comoro/products/279/

I’m done with my fangirl moment. Seperately, I use my empty cans from tea, to decorate with 😀


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  1. Well, not every local tea room! At Elaine’s Tea Shoppe we serve over 130 of the world’s premium loose leaf teas. While Harney & Sons is certainly a reputable brand, one step above that is hand-packed loose leaf tea. We search the world over for our teas. They are fresher than anything factory-packed in a tin. And we’ve tasted hundreds of teas to come up with our hand-picked selection. For example, I went through about 6 tea vendors before finding a Black Currant Black tea I was satisfied with. And I only use vendors who procure directly from tea estates and gardens and have a close working relationship with those estates to ensure quality.
    So, if tea is your passion as it is ours, you gotta check out our wonderful collection of fine teas. Our food isn’t bad either! “This isn’t your Grandmother’s Tea Room!”

  2. I know you had not been aware of our tea collection. I thought others might not be either. After 8 years in business in the Toledo area, we still get people in all the time who didn’t know we were here! And we’ve had lots of press in every paper in town. So, just trying every venue I can to let people know we are here! BTW, most of our collection can be seen on our other web site, http://www.wildorchidteas.com so be sure to check them out there if you’re not in the local area. Thanks!

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