Two new treasures…


Recently added to my collection is a professional dancing sensu (fan), and a new formal obi. I swear, the shipping on these items alone is more expensive than the items themselves.

The sensu in particular is of interest and rather novel. These fans are not to be confused with halloween props, or other such novelties. Rather these fans are professional hallmarks within the dance community. Ones choice in fan, says as much about them as their kimono. These fans are rather stiff, and make a snappping sound when flicked open. You can read more about these fans, and the different kinds used in dance and theater at:

Below is my new fan, and obi. the obis style and theme is that of waves.




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  1. Very nice additions!

    I like the fringed fan from the link. I might need to incorporate that into a costume…

    Do you know which style of fan is used in.. uh.. fan tricks? I was always curious if a special fan was used for the flipping tricks, like you see in Memoirs of a Geisha.

    (Yes, I know that movie is wildly inaccurate when it comes to traditional kimono, but its still fun to watch ^_^ )

    • The kind of fan featured, and use in tricks is…this kind. It is a study build, with heavy weighted construction. Expect to pay around $30 – $60 on the cheap end.

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