Kanzashi goes mainstream – well sort of.


Check this out. The October 2009 edition of ‘Women’s Day’ magazine published a short ‘how-to’ about Kanzashi! Here’s to hoping the article sparks some new interest! Below is the scan of the article from the magazine.


http://www.cutoutandkeep.net/projects/tsunami_kanzashi_flower_2 – a beginners guide to making Kanzashi.


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  1. That cut out and keep tutorial is the best basic one I’ve ever seen – and I’ve done a lot of searching. Awesome find!

    Do you know if that Woman’s Day article has another page or more specific details on the actual petal folding? I haven’t checked out the video yet, so maybe that’s where it is.

    • I really liked the link I posted – and made a few flowers from it. I have found other guides, and they are very intimidating and talk about alot of expensive supplies.

      The flower I made…all I required was a button, fabric, scissors, needle, and thread! Later I’m going to add pinbacks to the flowers to make them pin-on broaches 🙂

      Oh, and that is the ENTIRE magazine snip-it. It was around 1/3 a page, very small.

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