Mental Health in Pets


My childhood dog was put to sleep today. We rescued Presely from the pound, and he has been our Families loyal companion for some 15 years. He was 17 years old, and in great physical condition…

The terms and condition of his death was a unique one that I’d never experienced in any other pet, or person. He was senile, very very unbalanced mentally to the point where he could no longer function. It is really hard, and very strange to watch an dog in great physical health wilt, and suffer due to mental illness to the point where the dog is lost within his own world.

You can set a broken bone, treat cancer, and fix the body time and time again…but the mind is such a precious thing, that once lost there seems to be no recovery no matter how hard you try otherwise.

I can only image how hard it must be, for people who loose Family members to mental health related conditions.


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