First attempts… kanzashi for mum.


So, my first attempt at kanzashi was not bad at all. It is a far cry from an professional level of skill – but the results are ultra cute and…ended up being very popular with my family. The flowers are not perfect…but she’s my mom. Moms love crafts their kids send, no matter how flawed because moms are awesome like that. I told her I’m sending her half a dozen of exotic rare flowers (yea, I lied). Earlier today, stepdaughter snuck my first ever finished flower to elemtary school…showed her teacher…and now I have to make some to send in so the kids can do them as crafts!

I’ll let post later about how the elementary school crafts go 🙂 – my step daughter is in the 5th grade. She loves oragami and took right to making the flower pedals. Her teachers commonly consult her for paper crafts. Today she even made a few flowers in class using post-it pad paper!

Also, I featured the kanzashi book in my blog, and was contacted by a few folks. One privately. People, are actually very intimidated (I know I am) by the level of complexity in this art…at least it seems that way. The folks who contacted me thanked me for the beginner friendly approach. Honestly, if you want a very humble, and basic 101 on the art check out – this is by no means a professional level of quality, but certainly is fun and great for people who just want to try the art without being intimidated.

Fabric? Check.
Needle? Check.
Thread? Check.
Button? Check.
Kid at my side doing everything with me? Check.
Cats trying to attack the sewing thread? Check.

The pedals are off, and not yet shaped in the pic. Once I shaped and starched them they were cool – a few had pedals of various sizes just for a different effect. The pic features 5 flowers, becuase the 6th was being made by my stepdaughter. – more about these hair ornaments and their history. “Geisha wear different hana kanzashi according to the month, or public holiday.


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    • Thanks 🙂 – I’m gonna try to rock out a few goth ones later on. I know a goth girl is a baby, I wanna make some goth baby kanzashi 😀

      For now I’m working big, and just generally getting the hand of this stuff. There’s alot of little details that I had not considered before. Seeing the quality work professionals produce really means alot more to me now.

  1. Nice job, especially for a first try.

    I was just wig shopping on’s marketplace and found you there too. Saw your profile. Damn, you have some good photographers.

    • I’m a retired model – I posed for comics, video games, and alot of rp art. Some of the artists and photographers I worked with are world leaders. Tim Bradstreet and more.

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