Saturday Night out – Dinner at Nagoya


Nagoya is a new Japanese themed restraunt that has opened not far from my house. It is located in Perrysburg Ohio, and is amazing! It is not a part of a major chain (that I am aware of), which means it is a local speciality that is a ‘must do’. Nagoya has become our favorite place to go for Japanese food in all of the area. I dare say, it has become our favorite place to ever eat at. I brought a camera along with me on this recent visit and wanted to share a few little sneak peaks at the dining experaince.


First off, since it is September I could finally wear my Fall Kimono. Photos do it no justice. Under the visable printed pattern of this kimono, is a fine weave that takes presence in the form of countless sensu fans. The interior lining of this kimono are mum flowers, and sparrow type birds. I topped the kimono off with a pumpkin orange obi, and a yellow/gold coach purse.
Fall Kimono

This is Nagoya.

This was our chef – in the picture he is twirling one of his cooking tools around a finger.

And the yummies. My husband is crazy for Sushi. I do not eat sushi (I do not eat seafood), so I let him do the sushi taste testing. He reports that Nagoya’s sushi is the best in all of the Toledo area.
Sushi at Nagoya


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    • Thank you 🙂 – I should get more photos of it. It is very fun to wear with subtle details that never make it onto the camera.

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