Chicago Vacation – Chicago Botanical Gardens…the Japanese Section


Chicago has a Botannical Garden that truly is a hidden gem. The garden is massive, and offers an outstanding selection of plantlife and education. In the garden, is a very impressive Japanese garden that was added in 2006. The garden is over 3 seperate islands, and is truely impressive. While touring the Garden, my husband and I met another couple who had recently visited Kyoto. The couple said that the Chicago garden was as close to the Kyoto Gardens as you can get without going to Kyoto! The garden was very large, featuring a paradise island, many lanterns, a zen garden, homes, and more!

Here is a sample of the garden, these photos are personal and are not to be reproduced or used elsewhere without permission. These photos are NOT for commerical use.

Elizabeth Hubert Malott – September 2009 Japanese Garden, Chicago IL
Chicago Botanical Garden

Chicago Botanical Garden

Sadly, I did not wear a Kimono to the Garden to get any photos in a Kimono. All the same, here is a photo of my husband and I.

This fountain was seperate from the Japanese garden, it was featured at the indoor tropical/rainforest garden.

The water garden at the entrance.

Official Garden Website:


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