Japanese Gardens and Tearoom in Michigan


There are a number of Japanese Gardens, and tearooms in Michigan. My husband and I are planning on visiting a number of these locations in the upcoming year, and taking photos of these visits to share with other people.

http://www.japaneseculturalcenter.org/Welcome.asp – Saginaw, Michigan – Offers tea ceremony, gardens, and more! This is our first planned visit! We hope to attend tea ceremony, and maybe the Cherry Blossum/Spring celebration!

http://www.fernwoodbotanical.org/ – Niles, Michgan – Offers a Japanese Garden

http://www.hrt.msu.edu/clarence-e-lewis-landscape-arboretum/ – University of Michigan – Offers Japanese Garden

http://www.landscapeonline.com/research/article/10211 – Ohio, more details soon! I believe this is a private garden.

Here is a preview of my newest outfit, I hope to have higher quality photos later. I need to steam out some of the wrinkles, all the same I love this kimono and obi. The kimono is brand new, and freatures sensu (fans). The obi is the new wave themed obi seen in older journal posts.


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