Restraunt Review Japonis – Chicago


#1 tip for this restaunt, weather/season permitting eat in the lounge on the riverview! It can’t be beat!

*Price: This is a top end restaunt, and for two people – 2 martinis, 2 sodas, 2 dinners, desert, and an app we spent $130. For an app we ordered the hot rock steak, which was very cool! They bring out raw uncooked steak strips with a dash of clove, and a large hot rock. You put the meat strips on the rock, which in turn cooks the steak. A tip – have them bring out extra olive oil to coat your rock with, so your steak strips don’t stick.

*Dress code: None, but this is a formal setting. Nice cloths are suggested.

*FAVORITE / RECOMMENDED MUST TRY: The Geisha Martini!!! This is easily my new and all time favorite drink. In fact, this was the best drink I had in my entire stay in all of Chicago – and anywhere else!

*If you don’t like sushi: Try the Japanese ribs ($19)! Japonis takes standard bbq ribs, and adds a Japanese twist! I ordered the ribs and found them tasty, and very tender. They were hard to eat in a kimono, but I did without getting my kimono dirty!

*Random neat fact: This place has a female sushi chef! How rare!

*Website: (Locations as Chicago, New York, and Vegas)

This is me, at the river lounge.

The sushi bar, with male chef.

First floor interior design.

My dinner – the Japanes miso ribs.


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    • Very good, I have never had anything like them before. If I went back again (won’t due to travel scheduals for a few more years) – I will def order them again.

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