Elaine’s Tearoom Wrap up – SUCCESS!


The October 3rd event at Elain’e Tearoom ( http://www.thetealady.com/ ) was outstanding! I was rather busy talking, and really didn’t take many photos. The photos were mostly taken by the audiance. This event was a near sell out, and another Spring event is planned!

First up – FRUIT SUSHI! Everyone loved it, and their plates were all clean! There were 3 dippling causes provided: coconut vanilla (white), raspberry (red), chololate peanutbutter (brown). There were also pumpkin bread squares, and rye bread. Everything served was organic. The flowers and leaves on the trays were also ediable.

Back stage prep in the kitchen!

Fruit sushi tray!

Oneside of the eating area, and the guests, there were more people who were up walking around and behind me. This was at the end of the event – thus why people were up walking around as I packed up. The talk ended up going half an hour longer, and afterwards many of us hung out and chatted.

The two other women wearing kimono were a total blast! The woman on the far right even brought we wedding photos to pass around to other people, she had been married in a kimono! I am on the far left, the middle, and far right are online friends (they will ID themselves if they want – otherwise its a small measure of respecting their privacy on my part).

Redo, add silly faces.

The press showed up, and took photos of the event for the Toledo Blade. An Article about this event also appeared earlier in the Sylvania Herald.

Here is where we went to dinner for sushi afterwards!


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