Girl Scout Troop 11123 – Japanese Workshop


October 12th, I am running a Japanese culture workshop for the Girl Scout Troop #11123. Rather than accept any payment for my services, I had the troop take the funds and purchase some food and loose leaf green teas for the girls to sample.

To eat: Green tea mochi, strawberry pocky, dragonfly waffer sticks, strawberry mochi, and chololate pocky. When dealing with younger children, you have to keep things sweet. While the food selection is not ultra authentic, is it enough for the likes of 10 year olds.

To drink: There are three loose leaf green teas I purchased from . Ginger Orange Peach, Strawberry Green, Peach Apricot Green. Again, I have to keep things on the sweet side to appeal to the children. If I were dealing with an older children the tastes would be more mature in range.

I have yet to fully figure out what all to offer the kids for their entertainment and engagement. I was thinking about getting a few printouts of coloring material, or print outs of Japanese paperdolls for them to play with. In particular, the idea of the Japanese paperdolls appeals to me as it is a ‘neat’ hands on approach to the fashion of traditional Japan. The paperdolls, I own, are from a book of cutout Japanese paperdolls. The collection in the book is really impressive! Below is a sample image from the book.

You can get this book for yourself online. It is fairly cheap, costing less than $7 new.


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