Sakura: Restraunt Review


My Family, and I recently made a trip to the Japanese restaurant called Sakura, in Toledo Ohio. I had seen the locations several times, but until now we had never stopped in. Under the suggestion of friends, we visited the location, and were very surprised. The prices were reasonable for a nice restaurant, and the food was pretty good. This restaurant has become one of our local favorites. It definitely is where you would take a person for a novel dining experience.

For 3 of us our bill ran around $88 before tip. This included sushi platter, 2 appetizers, 1 tempura shrimp meal, a bowl if miso ($2.50), 1 desert, 3 sodas, and a green tea. The miso soup was very good, and only cost $2.50. I ordered the tea and shared it with everyone…they all greatly enjoyed the green tea. As a bit of a tea snob I can say that the green tea was brewed to perfection, and required little in the way of sugar or honey.

My husband reports that the sushi was outstanding. Though cheaper than many other restaurants, it was as good.

Website: (I do not think this is a major chain, but I could be wrong)

What we really found interesting, and fun was the classic straw-mat dining-room. We have not seen a strawmat room anywhere else in the Toledo area! The straw mat room is where we ate.

Outside, the front door.

Strawmat diningroom. You must remove your shoes to eat here. Otherwise, with shoes on you will damage the delicate floor.

There is normal seating, and even a bar.

My miso soup, and salted soybeans still in their pod.

Friend rice, and shrimp tempura.

Our sushi. Notice it comes on a traditional serving platter.

Another look at our sushi.

Me in my kimono.

All in all, we enjoyed the meal and plan on coming back. The prices are good for such a nice setting, and the meal was quality. This has just become one of our local favorites.


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  1. Your pictures are making me hungry!

    Thank you for the awesome review. Sakura is completely out of my ‘hood, so I can’t imagine going there frequently, but if I’m ever up that way I’ll have to stop in. I love the traditional decor!

    I’m a fan of Yoko. I know their sushi isn’t the best (I think Kotobuki wins that hands down for local eateries), but their entrees are my favorite in the area. And the Ohayo(Ohio?)Crunch roll is sinfully delicious. Good prices, mediocre atmosphere though.

    Must remember tatami room for future photoshoots…..

  2. Last week I take dinner with my friends at Sakura restaurant. The staff were efficient, but my companion and I weren’t overly impressed to be seated next to someone we’d never met, who was dining alone at a table for four, especially without being asked if we minded.


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