Girl Scout Troop 11123 – Kimono Night


I just finished hosting a kimono, and tea scession with a local Girl Scout Troop. I have to say, children are the toughest audiance. What makes children so hard is how fleeting their attention is. The troop got to experaince a selection of sweet treats, and green teas before moving onto hands-on time with my kimono collection.

Here are a few photos from the night. It was a great success, and more Girl Scout Troops intend on pulling me in.

Block print coloring pages.

Discussing green teas. The girls had three different green teas to sample: strawberry green, orange ginger tea, and apricot green tea. The girls enjoyed the tea, and did not even bother to add sugar to their drinks.

One of the girls got into the workshop, and wore her chinese attire. This photo is so cute.

One of the girls smells the tea bag, to experaince first hand the scent of the dry tea leaves.

After eating and drinking, the kimono workshop began.

One of the girls models the wedding kimono for everyone. All of the girls got to try this one on.

One of the girls modeling my purple dance kimono.

The entire trooop, wearing my collection. If you can believe it, this is not my entire collection.


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