Event tonight, and a cont of washing kimono.


Today is the Pinnicle ( http://www.pinnaclecpwevents.com/ ) open house. The show is from 5-8pm for perspective clients. I hope to return with a few new connections, and some photos. Until then, I am off to prepare for the evening.

Also, the washing machine experiment went very well. Concerning kimono, the fanbase is fairly rigid against the use of such to wash their attire. The problem being, a concern and fear of destruction of their precious kimono. To be honest, I was largely against using a washing machine until I had such great success.

I had my machine set on cold water, a delicate cycle for 6 mins. I used standard fabric cleaner, and NO fabric softener. From the washing machine to the dryer, I just put the kimono in on a standard heated tumble dry. This process cleaned the kimono, improved their smell, and removed deep wrinkles from the fabric. IMO, the key to properly doing this was the use of cold water to wash the kimono in, and quickly moving the kimono from the washer to the dryer so they did not sit in the wash after it was done.

From the dryer, the kimono were folded while still warm, and put away.

All in all, I am VERY pleased with the results and will consider machine washing some of my less delicate kimono in the future.


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  1. Hello! I found your journal through the kimonoworld lj community, and really look forward to reading further! I am a newbie to kimono, so I’ve been looking for any and all kimono information!

    Regarding washing, what fabric was the kimonos you washed made out of? I’ve heard silk is impossible to clean easily. I only have a washing machine, no dryer, so I would have to hang dry and I think that would be bad for the kimono. Have you ever tried hang-drying your kimono?

    Thank you!

    • Everyone starts off as a newbie, and to be honest there is so much out there to learn that I consider it a rare day that anyone can claim to know it all. If you truly enjoy kimono, and want to know more dont ever feel scared to persue more knowledge.

      The kimono I washed had a synthetic exterior, with a silk lining. A few were cotton.

      As for hang drying, I would suggest doing so on a proper cloths line outside. There is a difference between indoor drying and outside. Generally the fresh air flow, really makes a big difference.

  2. Great website! I’m looking for a lightweight solid white (or light colored) cotton kimono on which I would like to applique some fabric pieces. Does something like this exist. I did see some two piece kimono undergarments, but I would like the traditional one piece shape. I also considered getting a pattern and making a muslin kimono. Thanks for any suggestions.

    • First off, hi! now on to the rest 🙂

      *Good luck with a “kimono pattern”. Kimono have a specific construction that denotes them as authentic instead of a pretty bathroobe. One seam off and its not considered authentic. I know many professional seamstresses who are actually baffled by how deceptively complex the kimono are. I do not know of ANY patterns in america (simplicity, vogue, butterwick) that are authentic. All the patterns I have found are pretty bathrobes.

      *A juban (under kimono) might be your best bet. There are the pure white bridal kimono. These kimono are typically silk and fairly expensive.

  3. Thanks for the reply. I might try the pattern; I did notice it was out of print and also considered ‘costume.’ I’m guessing these are definitely not authentic. This would be for my personal use, so it probably would just be a kimono inspired bathrobe, at best. thanks again.

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