The Pinnacle Wrap Up and Review


The event at the was a great success. I felt very honored to have been invited to have worked at this event. Everything from the food served, to the staff on hand made this venue first class. The clients for the evening, were particularlly fun and engaging. Not only did I get to share my passion for Kimono and origami, but I also made some great connections.

Some of the businesses I had the pleasure of meeting (but not all!):
Tapestry, live Harp music:
Party Booths, photo booths for your event:
56Daze, live band with a wide range of music styles to offer:
Que Sera, marketing/advertising firm:

For such a professional group of people, it was a very relaxed and pleasent setting. To be honest, I did not feel as though I were working, but rather having fun at a big party.

Here is a photo of setup. I arrived around 2pm to begin folding. The design and origami fold is a simple one, intentionally so. A simple design is easier to mass produce, and faster. More complex designs, such as the well known peace crane are much more time consuming, and have room for more errors – thus more waste.

This is a photo of my work area, prior to opening.

A pic of some lovely ladies, and myself. They were a fun group, and really open to having fun. They were too happy to try on kimono, and pose in them for a few photos. After they had taken photos for themselves, I snagged one as well.

All in all, I had a great time and hope that some of my connections bloom into something more.


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