Bashcon 2010 BOOKED!


The Bashcon interview went very well, and I am booked for BashCon 2010 . I even have a photo preview of the room I will most likely be presenting in, and a pic from the discussion with the Bashcon board.

My BashCon Room…maybe. The rooms in the area, are all equally as nice, and will make for a beautiful setting.

During the discussion, I let one of the cordinators model a tomesode for the others who were present. Tomesode, are worn by married women, to formal events. As a married woman I can wear these kimono in formal settings. However, due to western tastes I like wearing them in less formal settings to create a stronger impression.

The BashCon crew were alot of fun, and a VERY interactive audiance. Amusingly, one of the Bashcon team members, met me at the Pinnacle event.

Later, I will announce the planned workshops and discussions for BashCon once they are formalised.


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