Now Selling – Kimono


After much debate and thought, I have decided to begin selling Kimono througout the Toledo Area. At this time I an the exclusive source of authentic kimon, and japanese textiles for sale in all of NW Ohio, if not all of Ohio.

Price range, $40 – $150. Most kimono will be priced in the range of $40 – $70. The $40 kimono are mostly composed of actual kimono, not yukata (yukata are printed cotton kimono, considered very informal and the lowest grade of material and craftsmenship). I do not carry a very large stock of yukata, but rather prefer to stock kimono. Each and every kimono for sale is wearable, and presentable for the use of collection. Optionally, these kimono are of a fine quality weave/fabric and make for ideal craft fabric. Soon, I hope to have a stock of obi as well.

My first vendor booth will be at, Feb 19th, 20th, and 21st.


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