Bashcon – Kimono for Sale


Since I will be vendoring at Bashcon this year, I thought it would be fun to document some of the pieces I have for sale. Here is a small sample of some 100+ kimono and obi for sale. These pieces have been graciously modeled by my stepchildren, who too love kimono.

Womans kimono, with hand painted leaves along the bottom, and a fine over all weave through all of the fabic. Silk lined.

Detail shot of the hand painted leaves.

Womans kimono, demonstrating a unique weaving technique the japanese mastered. Notice that the weave runs both both ways. This is a fine piece in near mint / new condition. This design is loomed by hand, and not a mass produced piece made by machine.

Detail shot of the weave.

Mens festive, or dance kimono.

Detail of the mens kimono.

Mens Haori, a coat for kimono. Mint / New item, with delicate hand painted silk interior. This photo is of the haori turned inside out.

Detail of the writing on the lining of the haori. I would love if someone can translate this for me.

See you at Bashcon!


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