Bashcon Day 2 Photos


Here are my photos from day 2 of Bashcon.
The con is over, but it was great fun, with alot of awesome people to meet and hang out with. Bashcon is my first con as a vendor, and honestly it was great. I could have not have asked for better.

Yes this is Gamer Santa. This chap is a professional Santa who is a gamer. He arrives at the con with his Santa bag full of games, and shares them with other people to play. He cordinates games, and helps make people feel included.

Frat girls at the Con, selling breakfast goodies to raise money for disease research.


Strike a pose.

This guy made his own armor.

More zombies!

Foam fighting.

My husband, some friends, a mystery guy in the background, and myself.


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    • The con seemed like it had a good turn out. I went home, and have told everyone I know about you. By far, you were my favorite feature of the con.

  1. Hey! Sounds like you had a good time. Sorry I didn’t make it out. I closed on my house last week, so we painted all Bashcon weekend so we can move this coming weekend. So, you know.. busy.

    I wanted to ask you what the cosplay scene was like, besides zombies and foam soldiers. Anything interesting? How did sales go for you as a vendor? I was thinking about selling cosplay items there next year but I don’t know if it would be a wise investment.

    Glad to hear it was fun!

    • To be honest, without demeaning the Con…I would say you would not be a good fit.

      The bulk of my customers were history buffs, and serious SCA people. I did not have much of a cosplay following at Bashcon. There were people there who were in costume and enjoyed cisplay…however they were there in very limited budgets. They were present on limited budgets, because they expected to buy cosplay stuff, and spend money at a dealer room at an anime con over a gaming con.

      There were other costumers present, however they did not enjoy the same sales as I did. In fact, the only custom costumer there, I helped out and sent alot of refers too. Otherwise without some of my help her sales would have been pretty bad.

      Your best bet, from my limited perception is to stick with anime cons. All the same, come to Bashcon to have fun!

      Grats on the new home!

      • Okay, thanks for the honest answer. I kinda figured, since that was pretty much the scene a few years ago.

        Bashcon always runs on my birthday weekend, and my best friend’s birthday is two days away from mine, so we’re always busy! Hopefully I’ll be able to stop in next year, even if only briefly.

        Did you see anyone promoting the Owens Anime convention while you were there? I’m hoping we had a bit of a presence.

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