Animarathon 2010 – BGSU Anime Con


Animarathon 2010 – BGSU Anime Con BOOKED
Admission: FREE
Date: March 27th, 2010

At this convention I will be hosting a ‘Kimono 101’ workshop. There I will provide a brief over view, and 1 hour long discussion on kimono and how they are worn. In addition to the kimono workshop, I will be vendoring. Once more I will have a selection of kimono (mens and womens), haori (mens and womens), and some obi for sale. In a week or two, I will have a selection of photos of my stock for this con. Just like at Bashcon, I will have photos to share from the con.


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  1. Def, Ill be taking alot of pictures as well!

    Check out a sneak peak of my official site – it is FAR from done..and still being worked on. In fact, I am working on it at this very moment. – both the BGSU and OwenS con are up on my sites link page! Once I get my Events page up, there will be more!

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