Library workshops….tip for fellow entertainers, and some history for the rest of you!


In recent months, it has come to my attnetion that other people who read this blog also entertain and do lectures. How very cool! I’m glad to know that people out there have begun to “share the wealth” of our strange hobby and passions.

In such, I have recieved a few questions over time and people have asked me for help in starting their own ‘business’. As such, I from time to time write emails and send out private messages to people on other sites who want to know more. When I started, I really didnt have much guidance: encouraging words, and alot of nervousness!

So, I would like to take a moment to say hello to everyone out there. In addition, I wanted to bring up a point of discussion that has brought me much success. Something I hope other entertainers will find useful.

“Why is it, you do alot of discussions at libraries?” – is something that has come up. Not alot of people in the past years have been known to approach and work with libraries in terms of the kimono culture.

To this I offer…”Why not?” and more so…”It is a perfect match.”
When entertaining and breaking the ice with an audaince at library there is 1 point I bring up that helps my audiance, the staff, and me all instantly connect. “It is not unreasonable for everyone here to sit and wonder, just what it is a woman wearing a kimono is doing in a library. More so, it would not be odd for you to wonder as to why I am hosting a japanese cultural workshop (or whatever the event is) in a library. These are very natural questions, and things to wonder. However, I assure you the modern library and the Japanese have a very rich history with one another… it is a Japanese woman who wrote the first ever novel in the world.”

Did yo know that? that the first ever novel written in the world is ‘The Tale of Genji’? It was written by a japanese noble woman. That, the modern library and book world as we know it today claims its roots in Japanese culture. That the book was inspired and born out of social cultural conditions of the time.

This is a GREAT ice breaker for library events! I promise it will also wow your libraries friends, as none to date have known of such a thing. Every time I talk to a librarian and make the connection, their eyes light up. There’s a certain spark it seems to set off.

If you would like to know more about the worlds first ever novel please check ot the following link: , you will find cultural history, a book summary, and more all here. It is a great tool for entertainers, and the curious alike.


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