Kimono…and cats.


My shipment of kimono to sell just arrived. I am excited to get the kimono and take inventory of them. The cats are also excited…for different reasons: they now have a box to play in. Meet my black cat Luna. We adopted her from the Humane Society.

This means I will have a new batch of kimono to clean. I do in fact wash SOME OF the kimono in a washing machine and do so with great care. I also iron them with a common household iron. This is a great way for me to make certain everything is clean for selling, and to inspect each and every seam for its hold. If a kimono can not survive a gentle cycle in the wash – in a garmet bag…its not fit to be sold to wear. Kimono that “die”, are sold as scrap. This particular lot doesnt look to need a washing – but Ill consider it anyways.


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