Animarathon 2010 – Photos


Here are a few photos taken at Animarathon 2010! I took a great number of photos, and had a blast.
The kimono workshop went great, and sales were strong. All of the photos with the watermark MAY be reused where ever you want, just leave on my watermark. If you were in one of my photos, and want the full sized, watermark free version of the photo just let me know and Ill email it to you at no cost.

MY website is now at: – check it out and let me know what you think. I have a facebook as well, look it up under ‘OhioKimono’.

First up, a picture of my booth. This is only half of my booth, the photo was taken by a 3rd party so it is not my own.


Artist and fellow kimono lover!


Some but not all of the attendies for the kimono panel!

More cosplay!

My favorite costume of the con, Heather from Silent Hill 3.


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