Kimono Store – Toledo, Ohio


(As of Oct 2010 I am no longer at this location)

I’ve decided to take a bold step….that I am going to manage and own a small store selling kimono. The kimono are authentic, and imported direct from Japan. Some of the kimono undergo a cleaning process, others are direct and untouched by any form of cleaning (dry cleaning, etc. I typically wash yukata to ensure freshness). Ultimately, the kimono sold are of the highest grade, beautiful, and varied in style.

In addition to the kimono gallery and sales, there is a tearoom attached. That once a month, there will be a ‘kimono tea’ where people are welcome to wear their kimono out for tea, where they can learn more about kimono, share information with fellow kimono addicts, and enjoy a great selection of tea. The tea is affordable, with a ‘4 for 4’ program where you can sample 4 teas of your choice for only $4!

Not only will I be selling kimono & obi, I also will have a varied stock of kimono scraps to use in crafting. The scape all come from authentic kimono, and are priced to be very affordable and pratical for use in your crafts.

The store is located in a very nice, and safe part of town! It is the historical district of the city, a wealthy upperclass part of town. Parking is in an open, and very visable parking lot – when selecting a location to do business out of, safety was a concern for me, as I know it is for many of you.

I consider this a dream come true – that I can work somewhere that I love, selling what I love, with people who share my passion. The store is kimono friendly, wear yours in anytime! When I am in store, I will be wearing my own kimono!

Kimono & Tea…what’s not to love?

Website and photos soon! If any of you have suggestions let me know! The following photo is some of the tearoom!


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