Kimono depicting the arrival of the …dutch?!


So, I have stumbled onto a kimono that depicts a moment in history. I think it is either the arrival of the dutch, english, or the Americans. I suppose itis the arrival of the dutch traders, but I could be wrong. check it out for yourself, it is so neat!

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  1. I think you’re right on the Dutch assumption. The figures look like they are dressed in a style similar to what the Dutch would wear around that time period. Very cool piece and a set no less!

    • I am still researching this. For additional insight I went into something that was fairly unique to the various countries of the times, their navy. The different ships had different profiles and builds.

      As such, I did a generic search for dutch craft around the time of 1400 – 1700s, just for a nice broad coverage and feel fro tehir styles. I believe the ships shown on the obi, are in fact Dutch. – check out the profiles and generic feel for things.

      the only thing off to me about the picture, is that of what seems to be women clad in dutch style garb along with the men standing on the shores. Women were not commonly involved in global trade, or shipping. Perhaps the women are simply an ‘artistic twist’?

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