Custom Obi – easy to wear!


Many of my friends, and custoemrs are new to collecting and wearing kimono. Most of them are kind of nervous, if not a little intimidated by the concept of tying their own obi. Over the years I have seen many ‘home made’ pretied obi pass through my hands. I recently restocked my kimono in prep for the upcoming Anime con July 16th. You can see more about my kimono business, and things I have for sale at

Among the restock was a home made pretied obi. I looked at it, and it dawned on me…I CAN MAKE THAT!

So, I picked out an obi to try the conversation on. The obi I tried it on, is a ro-obi that features roses. It came out great! I am thinking of offering a small selection of pre-tied obi for my customers to buy! Below is a picture of the first pre-tied obi I made from a real obi. the brown fabic are the ties used to secure the obi to the person wearing it.

I wonder how popular these might be?


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  1. I’ve always been curious as to how you actually tie one of the easy obi on. Perhaps you can give a demonstration at the convention this month?

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