Review: Toledo Exhibit of Netsuke


First off, I am always impressed by the far reaching variety of the Toledo Art Museum. This display, once more is a prime example of what a gem the Toledo Art Museum is. Who would think, that a free to the public art museum in Toledo Ohio could house such a fine and respected collection of netsuke? The variety on display for this exhibit was great. The pieces ranged from erotic, to humble. From modern to original antique works. I would have paidto have attended such an exhibit! With the cost being free…how can you not go?

Cost: Free
Starts: Oct 1st, 2010
Ends: Feb 1st, 2011 (I think)
Museum Website:
Exhibition Site:

There are a variety of events going hand in hand with this event. Lectures, Japanese tea ceremony and more. I attended the opening exhibit, which was hosted by a respected scholar on the subject matter, Laura J. Mueller. She wrote an insightful, and informative catalog to be paired along with the exhibit – I bought this and had her sign it. This book will be a great tool and resource for my own studies.


Japanese Tea Ceremony
Nov. 12: 7 p.m., Green Room
Experience the art of the ancient tea ceremony and enjoy Japanese tea and desserts. Purchase tickets ($20 members/$30 nonmembers) by calling 419-254-5771 ext. 7432.

FREE Hands-on: Japanese Sansui (Landscapes)
Nov. 26: 7–9 p.m., Libbey Court
Discover the beauty of Japanese landscapes. Using a wide variety of materials, such as ink and rice paper, create your own version.

Below are a few photos. The lecture Laura hosted was paired along with a slideshow.

The exhibit room, taken from outside. You are not allowed to take photos of the individuals works, or from inside the room. This is posted simply to give a nice feel for the great variety of work on display.


How netsuke are worn.

The guestspeaker.

A modern recreation of one of the more famous netsuke on display, notice how little it is?


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