Evolution of womens kimono

I recently did a lecture for a University about the evolution of the womans kimono through the ages. This included a PowerPoint presentation with photos of attire through the various periods. My own area of focus is the warring states, into late Edo. This slideshow starts at around 300ad, the kofun period.
Below are the photos from the slideshow. The first image in the list is the source book from which these images come from. The photos show not only the change in which the kimono was worn, but also trends in makeup and hair.
I hope you enjoy and find this useful. The book has many more photos to offer, however I did not snap shots of them all. If you have any special requests, let me know. I do have the photos in a higher res.
COPYRIGHTS DISCLAIMER: In the US it is legal and permitted to copy such materials for educational purposes. This posting is purely educational in nature, and is not intended for commercial uses. The country of origin of this post is the US.
HOW TO TELL THE ERA OF THE IMAGE: The images themselves are named for their period. Example: PERIODNAME.jpg . The images have SM included in their naming, this is my tracking method to denote the image as ‘smaller’. The images are 800 pixels tall, the full sized images over over 3000 pixels tall.
And of course, sorry for any mistakes. I hope you find these useful and enjoy.

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