Restoring work….


So I restore kimono, obi, and other Japanese textiles. I don’t claim to be a pro, but I enjoy the long hard work. The work is unconventional, and for a long time raised much ire on “certain kimono forums” – because I discussed things like ironing kimono and even putting kimono into the washing machine.

Here is a picture of the current obi I am working on. It came to me in roughly ‘B grade’ condition. When I’m done I expected it to be near mint, a stunning piece for anyone to wear. It’s a linen and cotton blend with light interfacing for stiffness. The design on the obi is produced using hand dying and stencils.

In this photo you can see the wrinkles. After some ironing the obi is mint. I’m conflicted and don’t want to sell this obi so much as keep it. I’m very fond of the theme, the colors, and stencil work! Later on I will do have to do a photo documentary of a restore and the work involved. I also will post a photo tutorial on ironing kimono.


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  1. You mean immortalgeisha… THE Kimono forum? Maybe that’s because the people there, who have been restoring kimono for years, with care, actually know what they’re doing. Unlike you.

    • Charming. I really enjoyed that you called this weak trolling a ” critical opinion”. Its interesting that you use an anon presence and yet make inflamed posts about how people shouldn’t be above criticism. You seem to mistake trolling for something else.

      Im leaving your posts up, they speak for themselves and who you are more then me.

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