Happy Saint Pattie’s Day – Kimono Style!


A good friend and I needed to destress, and celebrate Saint Pattie’s Day! So…we did it in kimono style! We ate sushi, drank martinis (my favorite was the green tea martini), and played pool at a cool new place not far from where I live called ‘Spicy Tuna’. The food was great. Our choice in kimono was based on the color green…as these kimono were the only kimono we owned with green in them. The style in which the kimono were worn was not perfect, but the flaws were intentional…we know the rules and choose to break them.

Most of all..we had fun. For the record I lost the pool game.

Also for the record, wearing kimono during a game of pool is a rough way to go! the sleeves mess with the balls, illegal in game play!


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