The Cthulhu Kimono


There are many kimono that I want, that simply do not exist. As such, I have started painting my own kimono. My first project is a dedication to my more nerdy side…specifically my love for HP Lovecraft fiction. I wanted a Tomesode that featured Cthulhu ( ) rising from the ocean deaths with R’lyeh in the background. There will be a small boat in the waves.

I intend to wear this kimono to conventions, where it can get very hot. In the past I actually suffered from heat exhaustion at one convention. So for the first kimono I decided to paint on a polyester Ro mofoko (funeral attire for mourners) kimono. The ro will help keep me cool, and the polyester will survive the abuse and dirtiness of some conventions. At Gencon one year, I had soda spilled down one of my kimono – accidents do happen.

This kimono is not yet finished! At this point I need to next add the waves of the ocean, the boat in the water, and then convert the mons to the elder signs.

So, I present my current photos of the work on the Cthulhu kimono….

The finished work of cthulhu himself.

The basic form in place.

Starting the body.

Paint for cthulhu himself.

A test scaling and placement of cthulhu on the kimono using paper

The city background – foggy and dark

Creating the city with stencils.

Creating the city with stencils.

Stencil work for the city

Stencil work for the city


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  1. And another cheap-ass kimono meets an early demise. You can’t draw worth a damn, Kerry. WTH are you using, poster paint? At least it isn’t puff paints lol.

    • Charming. I really enjoyed that you called this weak trolling a ” critical opinion”. Its interesting that you use an anon presence and yet make inflamed posts about how people shouldn’t be above criticism. You seem to mistake trolling for something else.

      Im leaving your posts up, they speak for themselves and who you are more then me.

  2. OMG that is one of the most awesome kimono I have ever seen!!! What motif obi do you plan on wearing with it? Also…question, are you painting directly on the silk? If so, what brand of paint are you using?

    • I will post the finished work later on – and a pic of me wearing the finished tomesode too. That being said I have a simple pre-tie orange obi for the time being that I am wearing. Later I want to get another orange obi and paint the boat from the story on the drum section. About the waist of the obi will be elder signs.

      For the mons – I did elder signs.

    • Also to answer about the paints..

      I used an acrylic mix with fabric medium. Fabric medium is used to convert acrylic paint into a fabric paint.

      You can check out fabric medium here for example for more info:

      In case you missed it, someone from Immortal Geisha was making snide comments about me using poster paint. To clarify, no I wasnt and was using a proper quality paint modified and blended for fabric.

      • Thanks for the info! I really can’t wait to see the finished product 🙂 I’ve never tried acrylic medium mix before…but the link you posted leads to a 404 error…

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