The geisha and the tsunami…news article


I found this in the news and found it so tragic and interesting to read:

KAMAISHI, Japan (AFP) – Tsuyako Ito, the last working geisha in the Japanese steel city of Kamaishi, is no stranger to disaster — having survived devastating US air raids in World War II and three major tsunamis.

“But this tsunami was the worst of all,” the 84-year-old said of the monster wave that engulfed towns such as Kamaishi, along Japan’s eastern coast on March 11.

The tsunami struck as Ito was preparing to go to sing and play the traditional three-stringed shamisen for guests at a luxury restaurant.

The wave gutted her house, sweeping away all the prized tools of her profession.

“Kimonos, bands, two shamisen, hair accessories — everything has gone. How can this happen?” she said.

Home is now a futon sleeping mat in a local school gymnasium, where Ito fled with around 100 mostly elderly residents from her neighbourhood.

“But I still have my performing skills and spirit. This is my pride,” she said. “Even a tsunami cannot take them from me.”

You can read the full article at the provided link.


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