How it went…


I dislocated my wrist last week. I can type, but not for long. The timing could have not been worse, because that week was the opening reception of my kimono exhibit at the Schedel Gardens. The short story of how Schedel went: epic awesome. The pre-party at my house where people dressed in kimono had around 20 people at my house. The reception at the gardens was full, all seats taken people standing. The weather that day at the gardens was stunning, perfect blue skies!

Here are photos…

Pre-party at my house, just the people in kimono in this photo. For every 2 people in kimono here there was at least 1 person not in kimono. I spent 3 days just getting my house “perfect” to have it totally trashed by the pre-party in just mere moments.

Here are photos from the gardens focusing mostly on the people who were wearing kimono. There were many other attendees, but the kimono attendees were the most fun to shoot.


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  1. It looks like you guys had such a great time! I’m so sorry I couldn’t make it. I would have loved to help out with dressing people. Stupid work schedule anyhow! The exhibit runs through July right? Maybe Quat and I can get up to see it soon and have tea or dinner with you?

    • The exhibit goes until July 10th. Maybe you two should come up on the day at our Kimono club gathers and goes out for dinner? Youd be welcome over early at my place to hang out and chill with some other kimono types

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