April snow and a purring cat.


My wrist is much better, that being said I wanted to start addressing issues that fell by the wayside while I was unable to use one arm. Alas, my plans and intentions have been spoiled, that instead of having a productive day I shall sit here with a purring cat on my lap. As I sit here with ‘Smushie’ for my company, I am watching snow fall outside. It’s late April and snowing in NW Ohio.

Some updates…
*Conversion of my small back patio into a Japanese inspired rock garden is 90% complete.
*Obi-age project with shibori dying is being researched and underway. If all goes well, Ill have some nice obi-age with shibori of my own to sell or at least wear.
*New convention is coming up: http://www.shinbokucon.com/ is in a few weeks in the Cleveland area.
*The Japanese Society of UT is hosting a fundraiser at the big mall in the Toledo area. I’ve been asked to volunteer. If all goes well I shall volunteer and will bring back photos.
*I’ve already started booking clean into 2012 and 2013…WOO! Kind of crazy over here!
*The NWO Kimono Society is big and growing – our first ever meetup boasted over 16 people!


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