Kimono bolts found on the hunt of silk to use in shibori…


So my quest for silk worthy enough to use for shibori took me up into Michigan, into the Royal Oaks area. The quest was a long one that I won’t bore you with tons of details about so much as cut to the good stuff…the 2 bolts of kimono fabric I found in an upscale American fabric store. To find those 2 little bolts of fabric in such a huge fabric store really says something for my eye for kimono! The fabric ran $35 a yard, ouch – but man is it pretty.


*SNIFF* *SNIFF* I smell….kimono fabric? Can you spot the kimono bolts in this? I did!

BEHOLD! The two bolts, laid out side by side. What gems they are!

A close up of one fabric…

…and a close up of the other.

Shibori fun later, I got some great silk to work with.


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