Shibori tomorrow…


Tomorrow, if all goes well will be the start of my shibori obi-age work. I have a few ideas in my head, which ultimately will begin as gifts for friends and then transition into items for sale to my customers. Ive been researching shibori and its techniques for a little over a year now. Honestly, I should have started dying sooner but I didnt have much of anyone to share it with. With my growing business and the kimono club…where better to share the love? I have a few custom obiage ideas that I have designed to meet different peoples tastes 🙂

This past weekend I was at the : Fabric Warehouse ( ) and snagged a few yards of real silk. I have a stock of real silk taken from kimono, but I want to research such premium silk for when I am better experienced in the art. Here is a photo of the silks I bought. Per the warehouse, one of the silks is from the recent over run from a Christian Dior line (whow).The grey is the heaviest weight, and has a veryyyy special purpose for it. The rest are super light weight. I choose the weight of the silk based on the authentic traditional shibori obiage I own.

For those curious: A burn and wrinkle test confirmed that these are in fact silks.

Tomorrow: cutting, and dying…


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