Shibori, attempt 1


So I have spent sometime studying and reading up on shibori. I love the look and very concept of the art. More so, if I can learn it I can make the cost of my kimono addiction a little cheaper. The cost of obi-age can run $30 – $40 for each little piece! Why? SHIBORI! I can buy premium grade silk, and produce my own with but some patience and effort. There are several kinds of shibori – the type I am working on right now in english is called pole wrapping.

I’m starting with pole wrapping, and then moving onto stitch dying. Here are some of my -beginner- notes and things I have learned.

*Cutting silk is a bitch! Silk is “alive” and it moves, shifts, and squirms as you cut it. I used a quilters cutting mat to try and keep everything straight.
*This test piece had just 1 application of dye applied to it – I didnt want to apply several layers of dye because this is simply a test to see if I have the pole wrapping technique right. Additionally, I needed to know what kind of effect I could expect from the string I am using to wrap the pole.
*Changes for my next attempt: larger longer pvc pole. Pole wrapping is frickin huge! I need a pole at least as long and thick as my leg for just 1 obiage! The length and thickness of the pole does effect the outcome of your worn.
*Attempt several different colors for bleed effects.

Here photos from my first attempt – again I didnt apply layer of dye I just wanted to see if I was doing the technique right…and I am 😀

Silk cuttings – obiage size (roughly 12 inches wide, by 67 inches long). There is no set perfect size for obiage.

Wrapped, waiting to dye.

Wrapped, dye applied.

The finished product. For darker richer colors I will apply more layers. This was just a quick test to check for bleed patterns and see that I am doing this right.


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