The kimono purist verses a more modern outlook.


When I teach classes and talk to other people who wear kimono there are many questions about how rigid and traditional their own attire should be. Personally I support this: know the rules, then have fun breaking them. The kimono in modern society is changing and its redefining its place. The youth of Japan increasingly don’t know how to put on their kimono or the codes of formality. All the same people the world over enjoy and collect kimono. Many people put some of their own twists on kimono. I have a variety of Japanese street fashion photos where Japanese youth are modifying and wear kimono non-traditionally.

I find this all interesting, as the modern twists are a living example of the evolution of fashion and textiles. The kimono of Edo is not the kimono of today. The kimono of tomorrow is not the kimono of today.

This photo is of a well known master kimono tailor, Lyuta. He has been in several magazines in Japan and studied under a master. That being said he takes a fun approach to kimono. In this photo you see him wearing a turtle neck and colors not overly typical for modern mens attire. I find him inspiring, that you have a man who is a master of his arts and very respected but still relaxed. Yet he is enough to embrace modern changes to tradition. Later on, I am going to -try- and interview him to share his thoughts and insights on the modern kimono and its future in not only Japan but the world.


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