A kilt at the kimono booth…


So I have hooked up with an artist in Cleveland who is going to start to produce wearable masks in the style of Samurai mempō. The mempō is the faceplate worn along with a helmet. I do not yet have photos, but give me time. That being said I wanted to share a bit of humor between the artist and I in regards to setup at the convention this Saturday…

“Chris (the artist)
No worries! You guys take your time and I’ll see you early on saturday. Let me know what time you’ll be arriving for setup.

Kerry (me)
We will be there around 7am, vendor room setup on sat is 7am – 9am

Sounds good, I’ll pop in and give you guys a hand

Its such girlie fluffy work

Then I shall wear a kilt

Then I shall not give you any jobs that involve being on hands and knees or bending over


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