Fort Wayne Indiana Cherry Blossom Festival – 2011, photos and more!


This weekend was a BLAST! This year was my first time attending the Fort Wayne Indiana Japanese Cherry Blossom Festival. Fort Wayne Indiana is a little over an hour from my home, and so it is a quick little day trip to attend, and more then worth attending. There was a full range of activities for all age groups, insuring that everyone attending had a good time. Some of the activities included: Japanese Tea Ceremony, Origami, Anime Drawing Contest, Bonsai Demonstrations, Bon Odori (festival dance), Taiko Drumming, Martial Arts, and more.

Website link:
Admission Cost: FREE! That’s right, all of this is offered for free to the public! The Festival will be back in 2012, I will be there as well. Hopefully the ‘NW Ohio Kimono Society’ will be attending the 2012 event as well.

Here are some photos from the Festival. I do have a TON of kimono photos, so much so that I am going to have to do a separate blog post. I would offer a photo of my own dress for the day, but I looked like a mess. The car ride and then trying to get dressed in the parking garage just did not work out for me. In the least, I was the best dressed American there 😛


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