The Doll at Schedel


While visiting Schedel Gardens ( ) I was asked to look at a doll that someone brought in to display alongside the kimono exhibit. The doll was just stunning! I know very little about Japanese dolls, and their construction. I was able however to talk to the owner about the dolls kimono and hair decorations. The owner was VERY happy to have someone finally tell her family -something- about this family heirloom.

*The doll belongs to a family and is not for sale. She is from WW2 and has been passed down.
*The doll featured delicate real micro kanzashi, bira bira, shibori, and more. Her kimono featured playful little monkeys. The kimono had some fade damage from the sun.
*The doll will be on display in the lobby until July 2011.

Photos of the doll….


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    • Agreed – its not perfect. It also COULD be a bride. I told the owner it was a bit stylized and was either a unique bride or maiko.

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