Ohio Kimono meets the Toledo Blade


The Toledo blade did a very generous color article about the Schedel Exhibit which included some information about me! The color article is in the Blade today, in the peach section. It is hard to miss. I have no complaints about the article and really enjoyed it. The only little thing I noticed is that they listed me as a Ms. instead of a Mrs., tiny detail.

I hope this article helps fuel the kimono interest in others and also helps drive interest out to support the Schedel Gardens ( http://schedel-gardens.org/ ). I cant stress enough what a treasure the gardens are, and what an honor it is to have worked with them.


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  1. I enjoyed the article about the exhibit at Schedel. I also have a fascination for things Japanese. I’ve been to Japan several times and really got into origami. I’ve taken the origami thing to a different level. I’m making origami kimono greeting cards out of washi paper and I especially like the pink print patterns. I’ve had such fun making them and have found several great sources for washi paper. You can see some of my cards on my Facebook page or I’d be happy to send some photo attachments via email.

    My husband and I have hosted Japanese women through 4-H exchange programs and there are 100 Japanese children in Ohio this summer staying with host families. One of the women we hosted brought along an album with photos of family, including her wedding photos. Chiaki was shown wearing four different ensembles during the event…the white kimono, a colorful kimono, a red evening gown, and a traditional western style wedding gown. She said, “This is why divorce is so rare in Japan. It is so expensive and so much bother the first time you’re married!”

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