Glass city Con, July 2011 – Kimono lounge & meetup


July 2011 – Glass City Con Kimono Meetup & Lounge!

Do you like kimono, and are you planning to attend Glass City Con? July 2011’s NWO Kimono Society meeting will be hosted at Glass City Con, a popular anime and Japanese cultural convention in the Toledo Area. Many of our members work for Glass city Con, and regularly attend this con. This con attracts people from all over and is a great place for us to have some fun. you do not have to be a member to come hang out with us, all you have to do is love kimono 😀

Con Website:
Date: July 9th, and 10th (Sat & Sunday)
Admission: FREE! No cost to attend the con or the lounge! Please bring a snack or drink to share with others if you come to the lounge.

Glass City Con had generously donated a space to us, so that we might have an officially designated area to meet and hang out at during the con! This space will be located in the vendor room, within viewing distance of the stage so that we have entertainment and shopping right at our own finger tips. Better yet, the lounge is a nice place for us to relax at the con, and share food and drink! Details are below!

Where will the lounge be? The lounge will be inside the main vendor room at the con, right by the OhioKimono booth! We will have chairs, and a table for food & drinks to be set upon.
How long will the lounge be open? The lounge is open as long as the vendor room is open (roughly 9am until 8pm Sat, Sunday from 9am until 2pm). Kimono people are free to come and go as they please all day long. By all rights use it as a hangout between panels and contests!

About the kimono lounge space:
*FOOD IS ALLOWED! KINDS OF FOOD TO BRING AND SHARE: please only bring things you can share with others and is safe to have around kimono. Soda & Drinks should be in a can or a bottle. Cookies without frosting. Candy without a mess. No messy foods. Nothing that requires a plate or fork/knife/spoon.
*Take some, give some. If you are in the lounge and are eating and drinking with us…please bring something to share. A 6 pack of sodas is less then $2 at Walmart, there is no excuse for not sharing.
*The lounge is technically open to the public, please do not leave anything valuable behind that could be stolen. If someone is interested in the lounge, please explain what it is and make them welcome if they would like to know more about kimono, the NWO Kimono Society, and more!
*No children under 13. The exception being Trea’s son, who has consistently demonstrated being a little gentleman. Parents arriving with children will be told to please find a sitter or leave. Please do not approach us to watch a child while a parent goes off to attend a panel.
*Kimono desired, not required. You don’t HAVE to have a kimono to come hang out with us!
*Clean up after yourself – this space was generously donated to us for free. Please do not embarrass us by making a mess for the Con Staff to deal with.
*Ohio Kimono (that’s me) is vendoring right by the lounge, please be respectful of her business.
*We are guests at this con, please remember to have fun while being respectful so that we are welcome back in the future.
*No booze. Period.

-Kerry, The Kimono Lady


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