Bedford Library Anime Con – 2011 Wrap up in photos


The Bedford Library Anime Con has come and gone! This is a great little family con ideal for kids and teens. It is free to attend and hosted annually, it even includes a free lunch and dinner! This is a micro-con, with roughly 100 attendees. It’s more of a fun party for youth who like anime.

While there I met up with a Japanese family. They brought in some antiques to ask me about and identify. I have a photo of the young lady, she wanted to learn how to wear a kimono and buy one so she could wear it in her senior photos. I will have a separate blog post about her and the treasures she brought in. Her families story is interesting, as they once had many kimono. The kimono and other precious cultural items were lost when her Grandmother and Grandfather were put into American Concentration camps for being Japanese people who lived in the USA during WW2.


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