Glass City Con 2011 – Review, photos, and fun!


Glass City Con 2011 was a blast! Attendance was up, there were tons of panels, lots of costumes, and epic shopping to be had! There were around 30 artists, and 30 vendors all offering goodies! The kimono lounge was a blast: we had free food and drink, one of the members is a certified massage therapist and was giving free massages, and best of all comfy couches to chill on during the con!

This con was my first time teaching a panel / class about ‘The Pleasure Quarters of Japan’. I started in the late Momoyama period, using the political picture there to paint the dramatic setting and backdrop that gave birth to the Edo period and more importantly the sex trade in early Edo. The class was packed, and by the end more people had come in leaving only standing room – people standing against the walls to listen. The class went very well and I have received a lot of positive feedback. Below are photos from the con and feedback from the panel I got.

I cant wait for 2012 Glass City Con! It was great seeing everyone come out and have so much fun!

I really enjoyed your panel on Saturday night. It was so wonderful to hear someone treat the woman’s side of the story with so much respect and emphasis on the point that oftentimes it was not their choice to go into prostitution and that yes, it was very dangerous for them to do so. They were treated like cattle. Also bringing up the other side of it, the castle destroyers, and showing that certain women did have the power to ruin was really refreshing. I don’t think a lot of people realize either side of that part of women’s history…that you have the lower class prostitutes that are kept in cages and were just supply and demand, and then there were the courtesans that are 100% capable of playing the power/politics game, but they were still, as you put it, “caged birds.”

Also, thank you for showing that geisha are not prostitutes. That seems to be another common misconception and I loved how you backed it up with historical fact.

You would make a wonderful history/gender studies professor.

Thanks again,


Just some photos, far from all that should go up!

Sign in the kimono lounge…

The kimono lounge setup and ready to go BEFORE the con opens! The man in there is my very tired husband.

Attendees rocking out 2 very epic mens haori!

Even pokemon love kimono!

Free massages by a professional for members of the NWO Kimono Society at our lounge.

A number of Japanese stopped by the lounge and were just shocked, they took many photos of the kimono for sale and the lounge. I sold many kimono to Japanese women who were shocked at how low the prices were.

A vintage Japanese maiko doll that belongs to a member of the NWO Kimono Society.


Even the Cons official Mascot went kimono shopping!

Pyramid head, and the Silent Hill Nurses just cant resist haori!

Even a companion cube bought a kimono!

Edo Pleasure Quarters class attendees! This photo was taken right as the class started, not everyone is in the photo. By the end of the class more people had walked in – filling the seats and leaving only standing room.

I bought 2 boxes and shared them…they were…odd.

A woman rockin out a mens kimono!

Epic cosplay!

The media was out!


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  1. Looks like everyone had an amazing time! Wish I could have attended this year but my husband and I were moving that weekend! I can’t complain though as now I have more space for my kimono!!!! Any details on the kimono swap next month? I am really going to try and make it and I have a few things that need good homes that don’t fit me.

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