Kimono Swap Meet


Small update, the kimono swap meet is still in the plans and works. It will be hosted sometime in Aug, either in the middle or late of the month. I will post details asap.

WHERE: Toledo, Ohio – exact location to be announced when details are final. We do have a nice secure locations.
What: Bring anything you want to trade, or sell! Kimono, obi, accessories, Japanese household items, Japanese art,Japanese collectibles, etc!
Admission: Free! Everyone is welcome so long as you are looking to buy, sell, or trade! Everyone there will be a fellow kimono addict :). Several people are planning on coming to this from out of state. You don’t have to be local to come.

On that note I am off to Indianapolis for some Art an History tourism. I’ll bring back photos from the Art Museum for everyone 🙂


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